The Civil Servants of Charles I

This project provides access to an index of officeholders , which was created as a by-product of research into the operation of Chancery in the reign of Charles I.

The standard text on Caroline civil servants remains G. E. Aylmer, The King's Servants (1961). The database extends into areas not covered by Aylmer, to include such groups as bishops and gunners in the Tower of London, whose appointments were confirmed by patents under the great seal. It is the unpolished product of a research project, but such as it is it is offered to researchers working on the reign of Charles I to help them identify individuals who held office under the king.


List of Government Officials, 1625-42, compiled by G.E. Aylmer (1974)

A typescript of government officials compiled by Aylmer was compiled in 1974 and deposited in the library of the Institute of Historical Research. It includes details of the county associations of individuals, which is not included in the online database.

Chancery Docquets of Lord Keeper Coventry

The docquets of letters patent are brief chancery documents authorising grants to be made under the great seal. A Calendar of the Docquets of Lord Keeper Coventry, 1625-1640, Jan Broadway, Richard Cust & Stephen K. Roberts (List and Index Society, vols. 34-37, 2004) listed the docquets which remained among the papers of Lord Keeper Coventry on his death in 1640. These docquets are now in the Worcestershire Record Office.

You may search by surname, which will include recorded aliases, or by office. The specification of offices may vary and some are currently abbreviated. For example, if searching for judges, the search terms justice and baron (for Exchequer judges) should also be tried.

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