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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Henry Archbold

Chancellor of Lichfield & Coventry diocese, 1675-1682

Sir Henry Archbold, Coleshill to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 5 January 1678

'Sir, According to Mr Ashmoles directions this inclosed is desired to go by your hands to him, it contayning only matter of fact of the proceedings at Litchfeild which I am confident had gone clearly on your sons favour if every body had done what they pretended to do. I chardge nobody. I suppose he knows best where he reposed his confidence & they will give him a better answer to their actings than I can do being absent unluckily from the place ... I dare not encourage him to any thing in a doubtfull matter but all things of this nature are so & most suffer an adventure & I should be a very stranger to his worth & your relation if I should think any thing impossible to him ... Sir I am most unfeignedly his & your most humble servant'.

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 1731, 54


Sir Henry Archbold, Lichfield to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 9 January 1678

'Sir I desire you to deliver the enclosed to your son with your owne opinion from your affectionate servant'.

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 1731, 58