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William Dugdale Correspondence

John Aubrey

Wiltshire antiquary and member of the Royal Society

William Dugdale to John Aubrey, 1 June 1678

'When you write to Mr Anthony Wood, remember my hearty respects to him; and, in case he be at Oxford desire him to looke into a Booke in the publiq Library, written by Georgius Wicelius a German (about 150 yeares since, or more;) and transcribe for me the substance of what he writes of Sanctus Simplicius, a Senator of Rome, who suffred martyrdome, by being tyed with a Chayne by the neck, and unto another devout Christian, and throwne into the River Tiber, In memory whereof the Collers of SS first came to be used by persons of note. I thinke I shall stay here above three weeks longer ere I returne into Warwickshire'.

Bodleian, MS Aubrey 12, 98

Unsigned, but in Dugdale's distinctive hand.