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William Dugdale Correspondence

Meric Casaubon (1599-1671)

Classical scholar and clergyman

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Meric Casaubon, Westminster, 28 August 1652

'Honoured Sir

Having had occasion, since my coming into the Country, to peruse those papers, which you were pleased formerly to helpe me to, concerning the cathedrall of Chichester, whereof I shall shortly make use, the second volume of the Monasticon being now in the presse; I finde them deficient in sundry places; for your friend, who transcribed them from the Booke, hath omitted the Saxon where ever he met with it; so that I must intreat you to procure the Booke it selfe to London, sometime the next Terme, to the end I may copie what is thus wanting. I shall not desire it out of your hands: therefore I pray you write to him about it, that we may not fayle thereof: And if he can helpe me to anything more of the Religious houses in those parts it will be very acceptable to me; and I shall endeavour to requite the favour upon any good occasion.

This is all I have at present to say, other then to intreat you to present my best service to noble Mr Cotton and his Lady; and so I rest

your much obliged friend & servant Willm Dugdale'.

Addressed: 'Mr Faringhton For my much honoured friend Dr Casabon, at Sir Thomas Cotton's house at Westminster'.

British Library, Burney 369, 39


Meric Casaubon to William Dugdale, 5 November [1655]

Concerning the efforts Casaubon has made on Dugdale's behalf, Somner and Archbishop Ussher. Sends letter to Ussher via Casaubon.

Hamper, 294-5