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William Dugdale Correspondence

Thomas Cholmondeley

Cheshire gentleman

Thomas Cholmondeley, Holford, Ches. to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 8 November 1663

'Sir, I receavd your Letter but not till Saturday late at night the 7th of this month, for I have bin from home all weeke at Chester beeing the Size weeke. According to your desyre I will send up the Gould as I promised by the Carier, and hope you will doe it so full and hansome that you will both deserve the Gould and other respectes which I intend for you, Sir, I wholy rely upon your goodnese in the businesse, and hope you will ever ingage mee to be Sir your most assured Frend & servant'.

Postscript: 'Pray make all ready against the Carier com up: you shall receave 10ll. from the Carier in Gould'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire