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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir John Clopton

Warwickshire gentleman and son-in-law of Sir Edward Walker

Sir John Clopton to William Dugdale, 7 April 1677

Sending Dugdale those parts of Garter's regalia, which he had not already handed over to another candidate. Postscript: Enquires about fees due to his late father-in-law and seeks reversion of an office in the College of Arms for his son. Clopton married Barbara, the daughter and heiress of Sir Edward Walker.

Hamper, 409-10; Merevale, HT2B/5


Sir John Clopton to William Dugdale, London, 18 April 1677

Concerning his son, fees and other matters arising from Walker's death.

Hamper, 411-12; Merevale, HT4/6/33