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William Dugdale Correspondence

Mr Crompton

Secretary to Lady Katherine Leveson

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Mr Crompton, Trentham, near Stone, Staffs., 9 January 1674

'Sir, upon the returne of Mr Martin Holbeach from Trentham, he lodg'd here, and acquainted me with that discourse he had with your noble Lady concerning a sute commenced by the Fermour of the Impropriate Rectory of Hampton, for Tithes in Temple-Balshall; desiring that I would advertise her Honour, how farr I might be serviceable unto here herein.

It is now about fifteen yeares since (as I thinke) that there was a Tryall at Warwick upon the same point; whereupon the plaintiff, discerning how unlikely he was to carry it, was Non-sute. After that he brought it on again; and when the defendants were prepared for the Tryall, and had instructed councell, and brought their witnesses, he declin'd to put in the Record.

At that time I made use of an honest ingenious man, who was a Surveyour and lives in the next parish to Hampton, to finde out Witnesses, which might speake materially to the buisnesse. I have spoke with him again yesterday, and he tells me that two or three of the witnesses then made use of, are now dead; and only two of them living: but, being a very understanding person, he can witnesse what was then deposed by those who are dead, and may be serviceable herein.

I have hereinclosed drawn the case Historically, which I desire may be shewed to some discreet person, who hath knowledge in the Law; and then sent to Mr Martin Holbeach, to take up with him to London, to shew Mr Milward.

And so intreating, that you will present my most humble service to your most noble Lady, assuring her, that I shall in this, or in any thing else which lyes in my power, be most ready to observe her commands; I rest

your very affectionate freind and servant'

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, DR18/15

In the address Crompton is described as 'attending upon' Lady Katherine Leveson.