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William Dugdale Correspondence

George Davenport

Chaplain to Bishop John Cosin

George Davenport, Auckland Castle to William Dugdale, London, 27 October 1666

Responding to Dugdale's letter of 9 October; commiserates on his losses in the fire and promises to do his best to encourage the gentry to co-operate with the completion of the visitation.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Yorks, Northumb. & Durham


George Davenport to William Dugdale, 31 May 1670

Account of stone found at Benwell, two miles west of Newcastle, 'at the bottom of the Pictes wall' by labourers. The stone was 3 foot long and half as big, with an inscription and a winged Genius on each side. Davenport, a chaplain to the Bishop of Durham, 'went to see this stone' and sent Dugdale an account. Original of letter not traced. The inscription and drawing were copied by Ashmole with an explanation of their origin.

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 826, 37


George Davenport to William Dugdale, 24 June 1672

Account of two inscribed stones found in a mill-dam in Cumberland near an old monastery. Original not seen - inscriptions included in Ashmole's notes.

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 826, 39