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William Dugdale Correspondence

Edward Ferrers

Warwickshire gentleman and son of the Elizabethan antiquary Henry Ferrers

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Edward Ferrers, Baddesley Clinton, 16 October 1650

'Worthy Sir,

I did not expect to have had an Answere to my Letter soe soone: but was in good hope your evidence would have affoarded some more light for piecing together the successive Lords of Badsley. It seemes some of those writings had the hard fate that hath befallen a gentleman of my acquaintance in these troublesome times, though not in that direct manner for he hid his in the ground for safety, and the moisture destroyed them.

I have sent you herewith the names of all the patrons and Incumbents of Badsley, with the dayes of their Institution, as they are recorded in the Bishops Registers. I purpose (if ever my booke have the fortune to be printed) to print them thus in Columes and to adde the name of the Register and folio for proofe of the same (which here is omitted) and to doe the like throughout the Countye: for I have them all thus collected by myselfe, from the Records.

If you know of any more Incumbents and by whome and when presented I pray you let me know understand their names: for if more or other then these were instituted they were omitted by them that should have recorded them.

That which you say concerning John Brome his writing in the margin of the survey, in some places, that the landes were ex hereditate matris does not prove that he was lord of Baddsley by descent from her: but rather that her father had some lande in Badsley which the inheriting brought to the family of Brome.

Sir I pray you if there be any thing in Nicholas Metley his will that is memorable helpe me to a copy of it for I have somethinges ...re historicall of him, being a man of good note in his time, and ... faire possessions elsewhere in this countye. His heire was ...ed to Hugford of Enscote.

That deede concerning the gleabe of Badsley Sir S: Archer had not of me: some such thinge he once showed me, I thinke.

As for my confinement it is not at all prejudiciall to my worke in hande, for all materials that I could any where imagine might be got, I have obteyned. I meane from Records. As for private gentlemens evidence, I know most of them are jealous, through their ignorance, that any man that they are not well acquainted with should see them, much more to take notes from them, therefore I have layd aside all thought of moving further therein.

Sir. I am your very humble servant'

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, DR422, 165

Some text in the 5th paragraph has been lost to a hole in the paper.
DR3/754 has the list of incumbents