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William Dugdale Correspondence

Daniel Fleming

Cumberland gentleman with antiquarian interests

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Daniel Fleming, 14 April 1665

Thanking him for his hospitality at Rydal and for his company to Kendal.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 35


Daniel Fleming to William Dugdale, 6 May 1665

Provides details of the funeral of Sir Patrick Curwen. 'I have here enclosed sent you - according to your desire - all that is remarkable in Grasmere church'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 36; Merevale, HT4/1

Dugdale believed his rights as Norroy had been violated at Sir Patrick's funeral - he reputedly accepted £20 in compensation.


William Dugdale, London to Daniel Fleming, 23 May 1665

Thanks him for account of the usurpation of his office on 12th April at Workington (Curwen funeral).

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 37


Daniel Fleming to William Dugdale, 4 May 1667

'Having sent lately unto London to buy one of your late pieces concerning the law (Origines Juridiciales), and beeing thereupon informed that the whol impression was burnt in the late deplorable fire, I shall desire to know whether you intend shortly a second edition thereof, and whether your cronologick tables and third part of Monasticon be yet extant, since I intend to buy them, having already most of your other publick workes. Since your beeing here in the countrey, I have had the opportunity of viewing some evidence by which I have much enlarged - and in some things amended - our pedigree since you saw it'. He wants the pedigree included in the Baronage under the Barons of Egremont. 'I should not onely esteeme it as a singular obligation, but should also be willing to contribute to the beautifying of that rare work'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 47-8


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 28 May 1667

'I intended to send you one of the books you mention, and another to that worthy person Dr. Smith, upon my return to London in Michaelmas term. Some few were given to the judges and others to whom I was much obliged, and about a hundred were disposed into the hands of booksellers for which they were to account to me in Easter term. The lamentable fire has put an end to my determination, having consumed the whole impression, which, with the plates stood me in no less than 400l'. Other losses include Spelman's Glosaary & Councils 'of which not many were sold', 300 St. Paul's, 500 Embanking, 'and, what troubles me not the least - my whole copy, except 30 sheets which were printed, of the third volume of the Monasticon Anglicanum, through the great negligence of my printer . There can be no thought of reprinting any of these for three or four years at least. There is little done as yet towards the new building of the City, all lying in rubbish and ashes. When we look back upon the transcendent wickedness thereof, it is not to be wondered at. I have resolved to perfect my collection of materials for an historical work on the Baronagium Angliae being every day at the Tower little less than twelve hours for that purpose'. Asks for Fleming's help with the Barons of Egremont - 'but what you do therein must be from the authority of old manuscripts and original charters which I may vouch, for I resolve to quote authority for whatsoever I say therein'. The plague, fire and Dutch war have retarded his action over Sir Patrick Curwen's funeral and now he is involved in a similar dispute in Cheshire. He is staying with Ashmole in the Middle Temple until the Heralds' Office is rebuilt.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 48-9


Daniel Fleming to William Dugdale, 24 July 1668

Advises him to have Curwen case heard in Cumberland, since getting evidence is going to be tricky.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 57; Merevale, HT4/1


Daniel Fleming to William Dugdale, 29 August 1668

Mr Christian is denying he marshalled the Curwen funeral.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 58-9; Merevale, HT4/1


Daniel Fleming, Rydal, Westmld. to William Dugdale, London, 21 November 1668

Recommending a trial against Mr Christian at the next assizes at Carlisle. Mentions sending a borrowed manuscript to Dugdale.

Merevale, HT4/1


Daniel Fleming to William Dugdale, London, 1 February 1669

Recommending Westmorland as the favourable county for an acrion against Mr Christian.

Merevale, HT4/1


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 10 May 1670

Returning old manuscript concerning Lancashire. Thanks Fleming for his offer to pay for 4 plates in the Baronage; he is undecided whether the volume will be illustrated.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 70


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 26 November 1670

Sending him the account of the Cliffords from the Baronage that 'you may shew it to the noble lady at Appleby, and from her collections impart to me what more may be usefull for the farther illustration of the story of her noble ancestours'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 72-3


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 14 July 1671

Thanks him for his help with the account of the Cliffords. 'As to what you propose concerning my taking notice of what lands are held of each Barony, and the names of their owners, it would much swell the work, which will be too voluminous do what I can ... Did you see what a masse of materialls I have gott together, and all by my own hand from the fountain head, which hath been the work of many yeares, and no small cost to me, no man assisting me with hand or purse, you would - I am sure - wonder much ... We are fallen into an age wherein matters of Antiquitie are valued but by few. I scarce know five men alive that regard them, which is no little discouragement to me'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 80-1


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 11 June 1672

Thanks him for his help with the Cliffords, talks about likely appearance of third volume of Monasticon and first volume of Baronage and recommends Ashmole's book on the Garter. Solicits his help with raising contributions towards rebuilding the Heralds' Office.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 95-6


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 23 March 1673

He has received a draft pedigree from 'your noble neighbour at Millom Castle, in Cumberland' (Sir William Huddleston), which was left at Birmingham in January and has just reached him at Blythe - 'not knowing how to convey any letter to him, considering his seat is in such a corner of that country', he hopes to use Fleming as a go-between. Dugdale is a stranger ot the gentleman, but will wait on him in London. 'As to his question what the putting of this pedigree into valome may cost, I cannot resolve him till, upon discourse with him, I discerne how he will have it done, and what he hath to adde thereto. I see by the hand who it was that drew it, and know his abilities, which, had they been answerable to his industry in such things, might have made it more exact and perfect in some points than it is'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 99-100


William Dugdale, London to Daniel Fleming, Rydal, Westmld., 12 May 1673

Answering Fleming's letter of 26 April. He has not yet heard from the bookseller who sold Fleming two books lacking some engravings. 'I have long since made an end of my searches at the Tower . so that I am not like to do you any service about that place called Brock'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 101; Warwickshire Record Office, Z491(sm)


William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Daniel Fleming, Rydal, Westmld., 1 September 1677

Thanks Fleming for his congratulations re. Garter; he would have declined, if it would not have displeased the king and earl marshal; he is too old at 72 and his estate too small - he is required to finance the rebuilding of Garter's lodging (contributions welcome). The 'impression' of the Baronage is nearly sold out and he thinks it will be reprinted. He paid 16s. or 18s. for Thoroton's Nottinghamshire - 'I do esteem the book well worth your buying, though had he gone to the fountain of Records it might have been better done'. The Antiquities of Exeter is also worth buying, though a small thing of low price. 'You ask me what I am now doing, which is a question I mervaile at considering it is now past time of day with me to drudge and toyle for materialls in order to any new worke . I am in hand with a brief narrative of the rise, growth and issue of the late grand Rebellion here'. He is back lodging at the Heralds' Office.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 139-40; Warwickshire Record Office, CR721/2


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 3 June 1682

There is no memorial in the Heralds' Office of Sir John Ballantine's knighthood - men are taking titles to which they're not entitled. 'There is not like to be any fourth part of the Monasticon in my time', since he doesn't have the materials for a further volume.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 187


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 12 July 1682

With the rebuilding of St Paul's he is being urged to reprint the History - to which he intends to add accounts of York and Carlisle, but he needs pictures of Carlisle. He assumes Fleming and Dr. Smith (now dean), can get him some.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 188


William Dugdale to Daniel Fleming, 17 November 1682

Thanks him for the drawings of Carlisle cathedral. 'I perceive that all the west part of it was destroyed by the Scots in the late rebellious times, which is not a little for the shame - if they had any - of those pretended godly people'.

HMC, Report 12, part 7, 190