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William Dugdale Correspondence

Thomas Foden

Staffordshire gentleman

Thomas Foden, Fulford to William Dugdale, London, 3 [June] 1664

'I received yours the 28th of the last month, The effects whereof, was that unless I had a grant my deeds that you vewed would not admit mee a coat of arms. Your favor in furnishing mee with a coate that is commendable & significant I am herein your petitioner; And in my weake capacitie that coate which Mr Kirke hath sent mee a trick of is proper'. He can't pay Dugdale the money in London, as his father has left town, but if Dugdale sends him a note when he returns home, he'll wait on him there. 'I am altogather ignorant in Herauldry', so he submits to Dugdale's judgement.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Shropshire & Staffordshire