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William Dugdale Correspondence

Ferdinand Hastings

Staffordshire gentleman

Ferdinand Hastings, Bobbington to William Dugdale, Wolverhampton, 7 April 1663

'Sir, I was summoned by the baly of the Hundred to come to Hampton to you, I understand itt is to bring in my Cote of Armes, which is att Large inserted in my Unkell Owens Booke, att the Harralds Office, but att this present I am prevented from waiteing on you by reason of some urgent occations, which hath prevented me being att home att this time'. If this isn't satisfactory, he'll attend Dugdale at the Heralds' Office next term.

George Owen (d. 1665) resigned as York herald in 1663.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Shropshire & Staffordshire