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Dr Peter Hausted (d. 1644)

Churchman & playwright from Northamptonshire, who wrote Thomas Randolph's epitaph at Sir Christopher Hatton's request in 1635 and dedicated his Ten Sermons (1636) to Hatton. He became vicar of Gretton, Northants. in 1640, but in 1642 he became chaplain to the earl of Northampton's forces. Through Hatton's influence he was appointed rector of Wold, Northants. in 1643, but he died in 1644 during the first days of the siege of Banbury.

William Dugdale, Oxford to Dr Peter Hausted, Banbury, 19 November 1643

Kinde Dr

I hope you received my note of directions for Lt Colonell Feildings Epitaph I sent it home on fryday last forgetting to inclose it in my last Letter, and I hope you will answere my expectacon speedilye.

I pray you send this inclosed according to the direction And lett Dr Taylor know that I have solicited his businesse to my Lord cheife Justice, who is content to write his letter to those men of Finkford but not a warrant, if that will serve his turne and that he desire it I will wathate on his Lordshipp againe. This messenger hath brought him a Quire of Venice paper.

For news Sir Wm Wallers army is scattered by reason of the great losse at Basinge, tis credibly said that 1000 haue bin slayne, and yesterday some came hither from London that report 55 cart load of wounded men brought thither. My lo: of Craford & Col: Bettase followed him soe close that he drew up the Bridge at Stanes and many of his men are run towards Surrey & Sussex. My lord Hopton is about Farnham 7000 strong & more & we heard last night of 4000 foote & 500 Horse newly landed at Bristow from Ireland. There are 2000 at Salisbury not yet come up to my Lord Hopton. All your freinds here desire to be remembered to you & Colonell Gun & his officers, soe doeth

your assured freind & servant

British Library, Add MS 29,549, 87

Year based on reference to Basing House siege.