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William Dugdale Correspondence

William Higgins

Chief chanter at Lichfield cathedral before the civil war.

William Higgins, Limpitts to William Dugdale, Blyth Hall, 9 February 1657

Concerning the records of Lichfield cathedral.

Hamper, 319-21; Merevale, HT4/6/18-19


William Higgins to William Dugdale, Trentham, near Stone, Staffs., 15 August 1658

He will visit Dugdale, who he has not seen since 1646, the next day and thanks him for his copy of the St Paul's and for Dugdale's visit to Justice Mainwaring, who is happy for him to use his papers.

Hamper, 333-4; Merevale, HT4/6/18-19