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William Dugdale Correspondence

Thomas Holbech

Secretary to Sir Richard Newdigate of Arbury

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Thomas Holbech, Fillongley, 24 March 1682


In answer to yours, dated this day, I shall intreat you to present my humble service to Sir Richard Newdigate and to let him know, that the Heraulds who sent out this summons, do come by virtue of a Deputation from Sir Henry St George Knt. Clarencieux King of Armes, for this province, from the River Trent southwards, whose authority to Record the Descents of the Baronets, Knights, Esquires, and Gentlemen, with their Armes, is his Majesty's commission under the great seal of England, which the judges at this immediate Assizes at Warwick will signify to the Country, and which the Heraulds will shew at Coleshill at the time of this appointed meeting. Besides this they will shew a Recommendation of this service, by a Letter from the Earle Marshall of England, upon the king's speciall direction and command so to do, whereby the usefullnesse thereof to the gentry is sett forth.

This, I must tell you is done, cheifly in respect, that, by reason of the late troublesome times, and long usurpation of those who then ruled by an Army, nothing hath been done herein: for it was in the yeare 1619 that the provinciall king of Armes, did by his Deputies visit this county and Leicestershire in this kinde: so that in case any persons shall be refractory herein (it being a service so much concerning themselves and the kings honour) it will be lookt upon as a contempt to his Majesty's authority, and so represented to the Earle Marshall.

The fees antiently payd for thus registring their Desccents and Armes is from every Baronet, or knight 02li 07s 06d, for an Esquire (really so) 01li 17s 06, for a Gentilman (not so commonly called) but he who can justify himself so to be by right to beare Armes 01li 07s 06d.

Sir. Give me leave to tell you, that I speake nothing to you here out of any Interest or advantage to my self; my office of Garter merely relating to the Nobility of this Realme: but withall to acquaint you, that the worke is of speciall consequence to the Gentry; for now that the Court of Wards is taken away, which by Inquisitions post mortem tooke notice of the proximus haeres, it is not only by this authentick meanes preserved; but therewith the Uncles, aunts, Brothers, and sisters of the person thus registring his Descent.

The late worthy person, father to Sir Ric: Newdigate, did some yeares since shew me a quarto Booke Manuscript, wherein the Descent and Armes of his ancestors were very judiciously set forth; which I presume he now hath. Sir I hope I have given you a full anwsere to your desire: and if Sir Richard be at Warwick at the Assizes, I will wayt on him there and satisfy him farther in any thing relating to this businesse; In the meantime, resting

your very affectionate neighbour and servant'.

Postscript: 'Sir Richard Newdigate hath a little Booke of myne, intituled Sacrosancta Regum majestas. I shall take it for a favour, if he please to returne it to me by you.'

Warwickshire Record Office, CR136/B, 886