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Dr Theophilus Howorth

Lancashire antiquary

Dr Theophilus Howorth, Manchester to William Dugdale, Blyth Hall, 26 December 1664

'Upon receipt of your letter I sent for Asheton and his father. I put him to Construction of a peice of Cambdens Britannia, but I feare hee will not yet bee able to doe what you desire, hee is industrious & hath a great mind to his Grammar, & is mighty desirous of this imployment as most fittinge & suteing with his genius'. He will be sent to Dugdale for a trial period. Howorth's encouraging him to 'goe on in the acquireinge his Latin tonge, which will fit him either for your or other imployment. I shall be glad to see you in Lent or when you come to Manchester' - asks for 10-14 days notice, so he can be sure to be at home. Thomas Posthumous Holt of Grislchurst esq. & Alexander Butterworth of Belfeild esq. want to enter their pedigrees when Dugdale is in Lancashire. He invites Dugdale to stay with him & tells him of progress on his own pedigree. 'The Comet you mention hath beene seene in our parts, & I believe all over Christendome. Mr Chadwick Major Byrom Mr Johnston & his wife are all well & present their service to you .. I received a letter lately from Dr Howorth Mr of Magdalen Coledge in Cambridge. He writes he is now fixed there & intends to end his time in that place.'

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire


Dr Theophilus Howorth, Manchester to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 30 May 1665

Concerning the progress of a prospective clerk for Dugdale and the activities of Randle Holme.

Hamper, 364; Merevale, HT4/6/29