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William Dugdale Correspondence

John Keene

Arms painter from Newport, Shropshire, who acted as Dugdale's deputy in Cheshire and Lancashire.

John Keene, Chester to William Dugdale, 10 February 1664

'Worthy Sir, I hath received your warrants, & with as much care as in me lies, I shall according unto your direction doe (with all speed) for on munday last I did take a horse & com for Chester, where I am now. On Tusday the 9. instant I hard of a funerall att Trinity Church in Chester that was of Mr Holmes doing, so I went for to see it, & there I found that Mr Holme had spared for no cost. The chancell is hanged about with black & the hearse is made in great state. Holmes hath made three long pennon of silke & fowre square ones, with coats & crestes about the hearse, in the midle of the hearse there is a table like a boord covered with Black: on the tope of it is this cap sett on a chusion of black Voluie with those coats thus drawn on it this way .. This short trick I have taken because I was willing that you should know, But I was in great hast because of the post .. The clerk telleth mee that they Ladys name was the lady Byron & was buryed Jan: 29, your humble servant'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire

Eleanor, lady Byron (1627-64) was the widow of John, lord Needham (1599-1652) and reputedly a mistress of Charles II during his exile.


John Keene, Weston to William Dugdale, London, 13 June 1664

He has received the warrants & will send them to the bailiffs. Asks about the arms of Mr Leveson Fowler, heir to Sir Richard Leveson. 'Dr Baldwin did me wrong in saying that I should tell any thing concerning his letter'.

Postscript: 'Sir, I humbly desire that your man may send mee down this week a quire of that paper that you make your owne booke off; & two of that paper which is best for a book that will beare gum colloure, & I will pay for it'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Shropshire & Staffordshire


John Keene to William Dugdale, Blyth Hall, 14 July 1666

He received Dugdale's of 4th July & waited to reply until Dugdale would have got home. He paid for a copy of St Paul's when he was at Blyth. He wishes he'd heard earlier that he wasn't required in Yorkshire, as he's turned down £10 worth of work from Sir Thomas Wilbraham in expectation of going. He had news when at Lichfield from a letter Gregory had written to his father. Mentions Dugdale's 'great anger' with him over Sir Ralph Ashton's funeral, which he denies he had any hand in. 'It is a long journey in this troublesome times to Carlisle (for our country stand amazed)', but he'll do it.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire