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William Dugdale Correspondence

Edward Lloyd

Shropshire gentleman

Edward Lloyd, Melverley to William Dugdale, 30 August 1663

'Sir, I am sorry I am not able to appear at Bridgnorth .. by reason of my infirmity both in body and estate having bin one of the greatest sufferers in England of my condition by the Rebels'. All he can say is that he is the 'unfortunate son' of William Lloyd of Melverley, who entered his descent at the last visitation. He was not only 'plundered of all my goods but of all my writins not leaving me any paper or else that conserned my estat or gentility. If you doe me any favour it tis for your owne worth sake and my suffering'. Sends Prince Rupert's pass as evidence of his sufferings.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Shropshire & Staffordshire