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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Philip Mainwaring (1589-1661)

Younger son of Randall Mainwaring of Peover, Cheshire, who was principal secretary to Lord Strafford in Ireland,

William Dugdale to Sir Philip Mainwaring, 3 March 1659

'As to my undertaking to write historically of the Antiquities of Cheshire, in such sort as I have done of Warwickshire', the terms would be:

  1. He could not start for 2 years.
  2. There must be a 'treaty' with the local gentry allowing him access to their papers.
  3. He must have free access to the records at Chester castle without paying fees and to the Bishop's Register.
  4. Mr Leycester of Tabley must communicate what he has already collected.

Dugdale would want £150 a year paid quarterly until the work is ready for the press - 'I am offred more then I here propose, in case I would undertake a county here neere London, which in respect of its largnesse I do decline'.

HMC, Report 10, part 4, 204-7

Attached to flyleaf of family history.
There is an unsigned, undated letter asking for clarification.
Dugdale's clarification indicates that he'll pay for the printing, but will expect the interested parties to pay for the engravings. Contributors would get a free, bound copy and the work would probably take 5 years.