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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Thomas Mainwaring

Cheshire gentleman. He became involved in a dispute with Sir Peter Leycester over his lineage.

Sir Thomas Mainwaring, Baddesley to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 10 October 1663

'Sir, There is an honest Gentleman, and a very good Friend of mine, one Mr Swetenham of Somerford, who doth informe me of a diference lately arisen betwixt him and Mr Swetenham of Swetenham, which of them should be the elder house, & Mr Swetenham of Somerford having sent his pedigree to me as also his evidences, if it will be satisfactory to you, after I have perused his sayd evidences, I shall send you up his pedigree, & give you a faythfull account, which of the Deedes mentioned therein I do finde and which not, as also what other deedes I find that are materiall for him, but if it be so, that you will yourselfe peruse the sayd Deedes, let me know, & course shall be taken, that the sayd pedigree and Deedes may be transmitted to you, which is all at present but to subscribe my selfe, Sir, your most affectionate Friend and servant'.

Postscript: 'I desire you will present my service to my cosen Ashmole when you see him'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire


William Dugdale to Sir Thomas Mainwaring, 28 January 1669

Concerning family history.

HMC, Report 10, part 4, 204-7