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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Richard Newdigate (1644-1710)

Second baronet of Arbury Hall, Chilvers Coton, Warws. His father Sir Richard (1602-78), a lawyer who served as a judge during the Interregnum, had inherited Arbury on the death of his elder brother and subsequently recovered the ancient family seat of Harefield, Middx.

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Sir Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 6 April 1682

'Honoured Sir

Having receiv'd your kinde Letter this morning, I thought fitt to let you know, that within a fortnight after Easter day, I shall be for London, so that you may keepe the Booke til my return, if you please. I assure you it was written by a learned person, as any was in this Nation, whilst he lived.

I am exceeding glad that Mr Inet hath sped so well at Lincolne, and do assure you, that I have a great reverence and regard for him, though I never saw him but once, and shall be very ready to serve him, in any thing that lyes in my power. I am very glad to finde, that you do favour him, as I see you do, considering that he is perfectly orthodox, as to the Religion of the Church of England by Law establisht.

You have done very worthily and well, in entring your Descent with the Heraulds; your posterity will honour your memory the more for it.

I humbly thanke you for your most kinde and free invitation of me to your house; but I doubt the coldnesse of the season and bad ways, will prevent me from wayting on you till the long vacation; where then I shall (God willing) take the boldnesse to do it, and be glad to meet Mr Inet. So presenting my best service to your worthy lady, I rest

your most humble servant'

Warwickshire Record Office, CR136/B, 884

Dr John Inett was precentor at Lincoln.


William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Sir Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 4 October 1684

'Noble Sir

you shall herewith receive the Transcript of that pedegree which was drawn by Mr Henry Lillye (who being a sedulous man, and expert in Genealogies, was made a pursuivant of Armes by the title of Rouge-Dragon (not Rouge-Croix, as I told you) in December Aš 1637 but being an old man, dyed within a yeare after.

All that is written with red letters, I have added, partly from those old writings which you shew'd me, and partly from your old manuscript booke in Vellome.

The days and yeares of your uncle and Father's death, are fitt to be inserted, which I presume you can easily do.

For the completing of your pedegree, it will be requisite to peruse the Church Register at Harfield.

In Stow's Chronicle (anno 1539) you will finde the Christian names of those Carthusian monkes, which suffred death the 18th of June, for denying the king's supremacie; vzt Thomas Exmew, Humphrey Middlemore, and Sebastian Newdigate: but my Lord Herbert of Chirbury in his Hist: of Henr: 8: mentions only their surnames.

I finde in my Origines Juridiciales, that the writt whereby your worthy ancestor was called to the state and degree of Serjeant at Law, beares the date 18.Nov.2 Henr: 8 with him were also then called, John Newport, Brian Palmes junior, Richard Brooke, Thomas Pigot, John Camell, ........ Brooke, John Roe, and the famous Anthony Fitzherbert, author of the Natura Brevium. This you will see in pag: 79 of the Chronologique Tables, towards the end of the Booke; which I presume you have; for I gave your good Father (to whom I was much obliged) one of them the large paper. It is in folio, about 2 Inches thick, with the cover.

You will do very well to get a sight of the old Evidences, which the present owner of the Lordshipp of Newdegate hath; which may justifye those three Descents in the pedegree whereunto your own do not reach; and to see what monumentall Inscriptions are in that Church as also the Church Register; for it will be very proper to draw downe that line, as well as your owne.

Those Inquisitions post mortem, which are in the Tower of London, and in the Rolls in Chancery Lane will be fitt to be lookt over. There are perfect Calenders to them, which will shorten the worke: so likewise the Register of Wills and Testaments in the Archbishopp of Canterburies principall Registrie, as also those in the prerogative office.

The draughts of the Monuments at Harfield, & their Inscriptions will much adorne the Descent.

I thought fit to take notice of your Descent from the heires female of Rokesley, Leyre, and Salesbury, for justification of your Quarterings.

When a full discovery is made from what I have here pointed at (which are to be inspected) a perfect Scheme may then be drawn, which made me forbeare to put this in any better order till that time.

Your posteritie will have much cause to honour your memorie for this care to preserve the matches and Issue of your Familie; and so I am sure will all the Lovers of learning and Antiquities; as doth

your most humble servant'

Warwickshire Record Office, CR136/B, 885