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William Dugdale Correspondence

Robert Rowe

Cheshire gentleman, nephew of the regicide Owen Rowe.

Robert Rowe, Bickley, Ches. to William Dugdale, Chester, 9 September 1663

'Honourable Sir, many dayes before I received your Summons I had engaged myself in a Busines of Concernement for this very day which cannott now bee adjourned without much prejudice & withall heareing since your summons here, that you intend to bee in Namptwich (a place much nearer mee) on friday next, I humbly beg that my appearance att Chester may bee suspended untill then att which time & place I shall not faile to waite on you & in the meantime remaine your most humble servant'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire

Rowe's descent is included in the Cheshire visitation. It does not mention his uncle.