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William Dugdale Correspondence

William Sancroft

Dean of York (1663), Dean of St Paul's (1664) & Archbishop of Canterbury (1677)

William Dugdale to William Sancroft, London, 5 February 1664

Tells him of a conversation he has had with Serjeant Littleton about the renewal of the Dean and Chapter's lease, which he hopes indicates that they will get it at a reduced rate.

Hamper, 362; British Library, Harleian 3783


William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to William Sancroft, 17 November 1666

Concerning a further volume of Concilia.

Bodleian, MS Tanner 45, 121


William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to William Sancroft, 11 August 1684

Letter of recommendation for Jonathan Kymberley, a minister in Coventry.

Bodleian, MS Tanner 32, 116


William Dugdale, South Lambeth to William Sancroft, 11 April 1685

Letter of recommendation for a clergyman, seeking appointment to a Leicestershire parish.

Bodleian, MS Tanner 31, 33