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William Dugdale Correspondence

Dr Thomas Smith

Oxford academic

William Dugdale, Heralds' Office to Dr Thomas Smith, 16 November 1682

'Sir, This is to let you know; that upon Saturday last, being at Lambeth, I tooke occasion, upon some discourse we had (the Earle of Clarendon being present) touching the Kings Library at St James, to make mention of you to my Lords Grace and of your great learning, exemplary labours, and merits; and how fitt and proper it was that persons so well deserving, should be taken notice of, and encouraged: particularly desiring him to have you in his thoughts. To which he answered, that he was sensible of your abilities and great paynes (or words to that purpose) but that you had many well wishers and freinds, instancing the Bishopp of London. Whereupon I further pressed him; alledging that something might fall in his way, sooner than theirs. Wherein the Earl of Clarendon seconded me.

On Tuesday come sevenight, I shall be going to my home in Warwickshire (God willing) but intend on the Saturday before, to be again at Lambeth; and to remind his Grace of you. Nor will I let him rest, when it pleaseth God that I come hither again: for herein I am sure, and so I told his Grace, it would be a service to the publiq.

My Lord of Clarendon told me, that Mr Thynne hath nothing at all of that pension for being Library-keeper at St James.

Sir, I pray you present my most hearty service to worthy Dr Marshall, when you see him next: and be assured, that as I have great reason to love and honour you; I will, if it ever lye in my power, approve myself to be your most affectionate freind and faythfull servant.

Bodleian, MS Smith 49, 185