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William Dugdale Correspondence

Thomas Smith

Sacrist of Lichfield cathedral

Thomas Smith, Lichfield to William Dugdale, Blyth Hall, [1660]

'Mr Dugdale, my humble service to you; you may much wonder that I should desire you upon small acquaintance to search after, and to find out the things after desired but it beeing for the poor Almeswomen, whom both you and I should help if wee can; and further upon my Cozen Elias Ashmoles account I doe make bold to entreate you to give mee; and whom it may concerne, some notice and knowledge, if you can possibly, either of the last will and Testament of Thomas Mille Canon Resident of the Cathedrall Church of Lichfeild and Founder of the womens Almeshouses in Bacon streete about the 17th yeare of King Henry the 7th reigne or of two auncient deeds made about the same tyme; The one about the Reverend deanes trust which should bee in his keeping, The other concerning the Sacrists trust of this Cathedrall, which should bee in his keeping; both which are mentioned in a ffeofment impowering the ffeofees in trust with the lands, houses, cottages beelonging to the aforesayd Almeshouses, and the letting and setting out and sealing the leases of these Lands, houses or Cottages with gardens and backsides: These, or any of these, if you shall bring to light for us and to our knowledge you shall much oblige to bee gratefull, and responable to you for any Charges, your Loving Freind and servant.'

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 1521, 111