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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Robert Southwell

Diplomat & member of the Royal Society

William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Sir Robert Southwell, 16 February 1684

'Honoured Sir, To yours of 27 of Jan: having this opportunity, I thought fit to retourne you as full an answer as I am at present able to give you.' Discusses meaning of title of Sir John de Southwell (temp Ed I) and Thomas Southwell (temp Ed IV). 'As to the Ric: Southwell quotered by Webers funerall Monumented: who seemes to be a writer of late tymes, I can at present say nothing, presuming he wrote since Bale published his last Volume de Scriptorum p'haps when I come to London I may satisfy you in some sort therein. Your most humble servant'.

Bodleian, MS Carte 103, 322

Not in Dugdale's hand - Ashmole acting as secretary?