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William Dugdale Correspondence

Clement Spelman

Exchequer judge, son of the antiquary and author Sir Henry Spelman

Clement Spelman to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, 13 June 1663

Concerning the publication of Spelman's Glossary and asking Dugdale to call on him at the Exchequer or Gray's Inn.

Merevale, HT3E/4/3


Clement Spelman to William Dugdale, 19 December 1664

Concerning payments made to Munday for copies of the Glossaries. 'The Judges ought to have bookes of Duty if concerning Law' at the author's charge.

Merevale, HT3E/4/7


Clement Spelman to William Dugdale, 23 December [1664]

Stating that he will pay for the books as well as the binding, if his nephew objects.

Merevale, HT3E/4/8