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William Dugdale Correspondence

John Stubbs

Servant to Sir Henry Archbold

John Stubbs, Lichfield to William Dugdale, Heralds' Office, January 1678

Letter is addressed to Dugdale, but the text makes it clear that it is intended for Ashmole as the candidate. 'Honoured Sir I am a person unknowne to you but a burgis here and servant to my Master Sir Henery which both him and I wish well to you and the inclosing of this it being that hee left it to me soe I was in towne in the company of Sir Henry Littletons in which was Mr Rawlins and severall of the magistrates...' It seems that those who were counted on as Ashmole's 'best friends' were now expected to vote for Littleton. Stresses that the presence of Ashmole or his representative is needed to save the situation.

Bodleian, MS Ashmole 1731, 41v