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William Dugdale Correspondence

John Travers

Cheshire gentleman

John Travers, Horton, Ches. to William Dugdale, Northwich, 15 September 1663

'Noble Sir, I confess, by Summones I was to have waited on you there at Northwicke this day, but being certainely informed you would be att my Noble Freinds Mr Crewes of Utkinton yesterday all day, went thither, but when I came by 10, you were gone two houres before, I was on my way towards Middlewich, and meetinge Mr Crewe from bringinge you on your way I tould him .. I was engaged to meete his son Mr Jo: Crewe this day upon an occation of an appoyntment some dayes before, Mr Crewe and his son likewise will take it kindly from you good Sir you will now for this time excuse me .. I am noe way provided to give you full satisfaction what Coate of Armes were I should give, my predecessors have beene carles in lookinge after it, and in the time of the Lord of Delamores Risinge I was an officer of his, taken prisoner', consequently his closet was ransacked and books and papers were lost. He will attempt to give what satisfaction he can, when Dugdale returns, '(as I heare you wil) about Lent next'.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire