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William Dugdale Correspondence

Sir Edward Walker

Herald, preceded Dugdale as Garter.

Sir Edward Walker, Amsterdam to William Dugdale, 6 August 1655

Praising the Monasticon, a copy of which he borrowed from Franciscus Junius. Offers to sponsor engraving of Burton abbey.

Hamper, 293-4; Merevale, HT4/6/24


William Dugdale, London to Sir Edward Walker, 17 August 1655

About the slow sales of the Monasticon and the progress of the Warwickshire through the press.

Gentleman's Magazine, June 1838, 590-1


William Dugdale, Blyth Hall to Sir Edward Walker, Antwerp, 18 February 1660

Concerning the pedigree of the Cavendish family.

Gentleman's Magazine, June 1838, 591-2