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William Dugdale Correspondence

Joseph Williamson

Civil servant, subsequently Secretary of State

William Dugdale to Joseph Williamson, 8 December 1668

‘I have spoken to the most ancient of the six clerks about the business, and he affirms that the Prothonotary in Chancery is to enrol those treaties and leagues, it having been the ancient usage of his predecessors so to do. Mr Pescod is the present Prothonotary, and lodges in Inner Temple Lane. Pray send a letter enclosed to Mr Fleming by the next packet to Cockermouth.’

CSPD, 1668-69


William Dugdale to Joseph Williamson, 8 March 1669

‘I recommend the bearer, who has been employed at the Tower in transcribing records, and understands the abbreviations, and has skill enough to make good Latin. I think he will be fit for what you desire’.

CSPD, 1668-69