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William Dugdale Correspondence

James Wood

Staffordshire gentleman

James Wood, Uttoxeter to William Dugdale, 1 April 1663

'Noble Sir, There was a note read in our church on Sabbath day sennight wherein myselfe with some others were summoned to appeare before you tomorrow at Cheadull & to bring my Coate of armes. I must therefore make bold to let you know that I am to goe today to Lichfeild upon some business so that I cannot waite on you tomorrow at Cheadull'. He asks to be excused and enquires when Dugdale will sit at Lichfield, as he intends to attend him there. In the meantime sends him some notes on his coat.

Addressed to Clarenceux in mistake for Norroy.

College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Shropshire & Staffordshire