Thomas Allin  1
Staffordshire gentleman
William Alport  4
Staffordshire gentleman
William Andrewes  1
Secretary to George Booth, lord Delamere
Sir Henry Archbold  2
Chancellor of Lichfield & Coventry diocese, 1675-1682
James Archer  2
Lancashire antiquary, who assisted with the visitation of the county.
Sir Simon Archer  68
Warwickshire JP and early patron of Dugdale
Francis Ash  1
Friend of Dugdale's from Worcester, possibly a member of the cathedral chapter.
Thomas Ashmall  1
Durham gentleman
Elias Ashmole  15
Antiquarian scholar, member of the Royal Society and from 1668 Dugdale's son-in-law.
John Asteley  3
Staffordshire gentleman, related to Dugdale through his in-laws.
John Aubrey  1
Wiltshire antiquary and member of the Royal Society