Francis Bacon  2
Warwickshire clergyman
John Baduley  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Sir Hervey Bagot  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Henry Bagshawe  1
Derbyshire gentleman
John Baldwin  1
Shropshire gentleman
Henry Ball  1
Minor courtier and Rouge Croix pursuivant
William Bard  1
Thomas Barlow  8
Bodley librarian in 1650s and later Bishop of Lincoln
Richard Bate  1
Derbyshire gentleman
William Benoist  1
Secretary to the Duke of Newcastle
Thomas Benyon  1
Vicar of Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire (?)
Charles Bertie  1
Younger son of Montagu Bertie, earl of Lindsey and brother-in-law of Viscount Campden
Robert Binckes  1
Neighbour of Dugdale's in Shustoke
Thomas Blount  7
Catholic lexicographer from Herefordshire
Sir John Booth  1
Cheshire gentleman
William Booth  6
Warwickshire barrister
Edmund Bradbury  2
Derbyshire gentleman
Robert Brady MD  2
Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge and historian
Timothy Brailsford  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
Thomas Brereton  1
Cheshire gentleman
Thomas Bristowe  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
William Bromley  2
Warwickshire gentleman
Thomas Browne  14
Medical doctor in Norwich and author of works on natural philosophy and religion
Sir Thomas Brudenell  2
Northamptonshire catholic antiquary
Thomas Bulkley  3
Staffordshire gentleman
Dr Gilbert Burnet  1
Scottish theologian and historian
Cassibelan Burton  1
Son of William Burton
William Burton  1
Leicestershire antiquarian author and early patron of Dugdale
Edward Bysshe  2
Herald, appointed by parliament but retained at the Restoration, and antiquarian scholar