Meric Casaubon  2
Classical scholar and clergyman
Henry Cavendish, duke of Newcastle  2
Related to Dugdale's children through their mother.
Jonathan Chadwicke  1
Lancashire gentleman
Walter Chetwynd  1
Staffordshire antiquary
Jane Cholmondeley  1
Cheshire gentlewoman, widow of Thomas Cholmondeley
Thomas Cholmondeley  1
Cheshire gentleman
Christopher Clapham  1
Yorkshire gentleman
Samuel Clarke  1
Derbyshire gentleman
Sir John Clopton  2
Warwickshire gentleman and son-in-law of Sir Edward Walker
William Cobbe  1
Assisted Dugdale with Cheshire visitation (arms painter?).
Sir Aston Cockaine  1
Warwickshire gentleman and poet
Charles Coke  1
Derbyshire gentleman
Richard Coke  1
Derbyshire gentleman
Edward Conway, viscount Conway  1
Warwickshire peer
Richard Cooling  1
Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain
Thomas Corbyn  1
Warwickshire gentleman
Jasper Cornelius  1
A Middle Temple lawyer, possibly from Southampton
Sir Gilbert Cornwall  1
Shropshire gentleman
Sir John Cotton  1
Grandson of Sir Robert Cotton and owner of his library in Westminster
John Crew  3
Cheshire gentleman, the son of a Jacobean judge
Mr Crompton  1
Secretary to Lady Katherine Leveson
Gilbert Crouch  1
Staples Inn lawyer