Sir Simonds D'Ewes  10
Suffolk antiquary and parliamentarian
Rowland Dand  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
John Danvers  1
Secretary to Sir Francis Burdet
Conyers Darcy  2
2nd lord Darcy, created Earl of Holderness in 1682.
George Davenport  3
Chaplain to Bishop John Cosin
Sir Thomas Delves  1
Cheshire gentleman
Henry Dethick  1
Rouge Croix pursuivant, promoted to Richmond herald in 1677.
George Devereux  1
Warwickshire gentleman with whom Dugdale had dispute over the feudal dues relating to Blyth Hall.
William Dicconson  1
Lancashire gentleman
Alice Dodsworth  2
Daughter-in-law of Roger Dodsworth
Roger Dodsworth  11
Yorkshire antiquary with whom Dugdale worked on the Monasticon Anglicanum.
James Duckenfield  1
Lancashire gentleman
John Dugdale  38
Dugdale's son, appointed his deputy as Garter in 1684.
John Durell  2
Dean of St George's, Windsor