Richard Hall  46
Nottingham arms painter and deputy for Dugdale in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
Richard Halsall  1
Secretary to the Earl of Elgin
Francis Hanbury  2
Staffordshire gentleman
Robert Harding  1
Derbyshire gentleman
Edward Harley  1
Herefordshire parliamentary gentleman
Ferdinand Hastings  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Theophilus Hastings, earl of Huntingdon  16
Midlands peer, who commissioned a family history from Dugdale.
Christopher Hatton, 2nd lord Hatton  6
Son of Dugdale's patron.
Lady Elizabeth Hatton  1
Wife of Christopher, 1st lord Hatton
Dr Peter Hausted  1
Churchman & playwright from Northamptonshire
Andrew Hay  2
Secretary to the deputy earl marshal
James Heane  1
Vicar of Shustoke 1671-78
Sir Thomas Herbert  2
Traveller and historian from York, served Charles I during his captivity.
T. Hewitt  1
Servant to the Leighs of Stoneleigh
William Higgins  2
Chief chanter at Lichfield cathedral before the civil war.
Andrew Hill  1
Shropshire gentleman
Dr John Hinton  1
Ecclesiastical client of Sir Richard Leveson
Ambrose Holbech  1
Oxfordshire gentleman
Thomas Holbech  1
Secretary to Sir Richard Newdigate
Wenceslaus Hollar  1
Czech artist, who provided engravings for many of Dugdale's works.
Randle Holme  6
Chester arms painter
Robert Hooke  1
Secretary to the Royal Society
Godfrey Hopkins  1
Staffordshire landowner
George Hopkinson  1
Derbyshire gentleman
John Hopkinson  3
Yorkshire antiquary who assisted Dugdale with the visitation.
Benedict Horsley  10
Arms painter of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of Edward Horsley of York
Edward Horsley  15
Arms painter of York, father of William and Benedict
William Horsley  17
Arms painter of York, son of Edward Horsley
John Hough  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
Dr Theophilus Howorth  2
Lancashire antiquary
John Huntbach  1
Dugdale's father-in-law
John Huntbach  56
Dugdale's nephew
Thomas Huntbach  3
Dugdale's brother-in-law
William Hustler  1
Yorkshire gentleman
Henry Hyde, earl of Clarendon  2
Patron of John Dugdale