Richard Sale  8
Lancashire catholic antiquary
Robert Salmon  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
William Sancroft  4
Dean of York (1663), Dean of St Paul's (1664) & Archbishop of Canterbury (1677)
Samuel Sanders  1
Derbyshire gentleman
Henry Sanderson  1
London attorney ?
Dr Peter Scott  1
A prebend at St George's, Windsor.
Sir Geoffrey Shakerley  1
Cheshire gentleman
Gilbert Sheldon  1
Laudian minister, later Archbishop of canterbury
John Shelton  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Sir John Smith  1
Warwickshire catholic gentleman, living in Sussex
Samuel Smith  1
Secretary to Lady Bland, the widow of a Yorkshire baronet
Dr Thomas Smith  1
Oxford academic
Thomas Smith  1
Cambridge Librarian
Thomas Smith  1
Sacrist of Lichfield cathedral
Dr Thomas Smith  1
Canon of Durham cathedral
William Somner  5
Kent antiquary and author
Sir Robert Southwell  1
Diplomat & member of the Royal Society
Charles Spelman  8
Grandson of the antiquary and author Sir Henry Spelman
Clement Spelman  3
Exchequer judge, son of the antiquary and author Sir Henry Spelman
Henry St George  3
Herald, who deputised for Dugdale as Garter until the appointment of John Dugdale.
Samuel Storye  1
Servant to Elias Ashmole
John Stubbs  1
Servant to Sir Henry Archbold