Roger Waldron  1
Nottinghamshire gentleman
Sir Edward Walker  3
Herald, preceded Dugdale as Garter.
Christopher Wandesford  1
Yorkshire gentleman
Seth Ward  2
Bishop of Salisbury & chancellor of the Order of the Garter
Robert Wever  1
Resident of Nantwich
Thomas Whitbey  1
Staffordshire gentleman
William White  1
Dugdale's grandson
J. Wilbraham  1
Cheshire gentleman
Joseph Williamson  2
Civil servant, subsequently Secretary of State
Thomas Williamson  2
Nottinghamshire gentleman
George Wilson  2
Father-in-law of Randle Holme
Joseph Witter  1
Cheshire gentleman
Thomas Wollaston  2
Resident of Walsall
Henry Wolseley  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Anthony Wood  83
Oxford antiquary
James Wood  1
Staffordshire gentleman
Thomas Wood  1
Servant to Lady Katherine Leveson
Thomas Woolhouse  1
Derbyshire gentleman
John Worthington  1
Vice chancellor of Cambridge
Sir Walter Wrottesley  1
Staffordshire gentleman