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April 1671

2 letters

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:Anthony Wood, Oxford
Date:15 April 1671
Summary:Thanks him for his help with the records of Eton and Windsor. The third volume of the Monasticon will soon be ready for the press and he is now hard at work on the Baronage, 'which I fear will be great and tedious'.
Reference:Gentleman's Magazine, March 1862, 300-1
Bodleian, MS Wood F 41, 79

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:John Huntbach, Wolverhampton
Date:30 April 1671
Summary:Postponing a meeting between his nephew and his son and discussing the possible acquisition of property in Fillongley by his son. Describes his wife's ill-health.
Reference:Huntbach, private collection