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July 1671

3 letters

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:John Huntbach, Wolverhampton
Date:3 July 1671
Summary:Concerning the employment of a husbandman and the repairs to the chancel at Wolverhampton.
Reference:Huntbach, private collection

From:Samuel Keene, Nantwich
To:William Dugdale, London
Date:8 July 1671
Summary:Provides further information about Mr Whetenhall, promises a money account by the return and asks about the acceptable forms of proof for pedigrees.
Reference:College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire

From:William Dugdale
To:Daniel Fleming
Date:14 July 1671
Summary:Thanks him for his help with the account of the Cliffords. Fleming has made suggestions about further material to include in the Baronage, but Dugdale believes that it is already more than long enough.
Reference:HMC, Report 12, part 7, 80-1