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From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:John Huntbach, Wolverhampton
Date:3 April 1672
Summary:Acknowledging receipt of news of the death of Sebright Huntbach and telling him that he had told Dugdale's wife (his sister) that he had made a will, which should be looked for. Tells his nephew he will soon be travelling north for the funeral of the former Bishop of Durham.
Reference:Huntbach, private collection

From:Richard Hall, Nottingham
To:William Dugdale, London
Date:7 May 1672
Summary:Concerning the Middleton pedigree and arms.
Reference:Dugdale's Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Visitation Papers, Harleian Society, 90

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:Thomas Blount, Inner Temple
Date:13 May 1672
Summary:Written on his return from Durham, in response to a letter from Blount on various antiquarian matters.
Reference:Bodleian, MS Wood F 41, 85

From:William Horsley
To:William Dugdale, London
Date:30 May 1672
Summary:He has viewed Mr Davyes evidences and is sending the confirmation of his status to Dugdale.
Reference:College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Yorks, Northumb. & Durham

From:William Dugdale
To:Daniel Fleming
Date:11 June 1672
Summary:Thanks him for his help with the Cliffords, talks about likely appearance of third volume of Monasticon and first volume of Baronage and recommends Ashmole’s book on the Garter. Solicits his help with raising contributions towards rebuilding the Heralds’ Office.
Reference:HMC, Report 12, part 7, 95-6

From:Richard Hall, Nottingham
To:William Dugdale, London
Date:17 June 1672
Summary:Various matters, including his intention to go to Southwell to take the prospect 'as well as I can, being I am badly furnish'd with implements for such imployment'.
Reference:Dugdale's Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Visitation Papers, Harleian Society, 91

From:George Davenport
To:William Dugdale
Date:24 June 1672
Summary:Account of two inscribed stones found in a mill-dam in Cumberland near an old monastery.
Comment:Original not seen - inscriptions included in Ashmole's notes.
Reference:Bodleian, MS Ashmole 826, 39

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:Henry Dethick, Doctor's Commons
Date:30 November 1672
Summary:Concerning the Bourchier family of Yorkshire.
Reference:Hamper, 393-5  Link to Internet Archive