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May 1673

5 letters

From:William Dugdale, London
To:Anthony Wood, Oxford
Date:1 May 1673
Summary:Sending an unbound copy of the third volume of Monasticon. He complains about the way the bookseller has 'injured' the book, by dividing it and creating two indexes and by not having it properly proofread.
Reference:Gentleman's Magazine, March 1862, 301-2
Bodleian, MS Wood F 41, 82

From:William Dugdale, London
To:Nathaniel Johnston
Date:6 May 1673
Summary:Concerning the monuments at Ryther.
Reference:Bodleian, MS Top Yorks c.36, 19

From:Sir Geoffrey Shakerley, Hulme, Cheshire
To:William Dugdale
Date:7 May 1673
Summary:Concerning his wife's funeral and his failure to use Dugdale's deputy Keene of Nantwich.
Reference:Merevale, HT4/7/8

From:William Dugdale, London
To:Daniel Fleming, Rydal, Westmld.
Date:12 May 1673
Summary:Answering his of 26 April: he has not yet heard from the bookseller who sold Fleming two books lacking some engravings and, since he no longer works at the Tower, he will be unable to do the research Felming asked of him.
Reference:HMC, Report 12, part 7, 101
Warwickshire Record Office, Z491(sm)

From:William Dugdale, London
To:Dr Robert Thoroton, Car Colston, Notts.
Date:31 May 1673
Summary:Concerning the account of the Earls of Huntingdon for the Baronage.
Reference:Bodleian, MS Carte 78, 541