Family Ties: The Hodges and Estcourts of Shipton Moyne traces the circles of association of Thomas Hodges and his wife Edith Estcourt, whose marriage in the 1680s united the two gentry families of Shipton Moyne, a village south of Tetbury and close to the border with Wiltshire. Documents such as wills have been transcribed and analysed to generate family trees and maps of personal and geographical association for individuals. Standard reference sources were used to help identify individuals.

The site includes a revised edition of Letters to a Lady of Fortune: The Courting of Elizabeth Hodges of Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire, a transcript of letters written to the daughter of Thomas and Edith Hodges.

This site was generated as part of a pilot project for a larger study of the Gloucestershire gentry. It was generated automatically by Xmera from the XML files generated by the project, which were structured to enable researchers to query the data as required by the research.