Xmera / Gloucestershire Gentry / Parliament

Members of Parliament for Gloucestershire

The selection of members for Elizabethan and early Stuart parliaments was generally agreed among the Justices of the Peace without a contest. From 1640 onwards contested elections became more common.

1559Sir John St LoeSir Giles Poole
1562/3Nicholas WalsheRichard Denys
1571Sir Giles PooleSir Nicholas Poyntz
1572Giles Brydges
Succeeded as Lord Chandos March 1573
Sir Nicholas Arnold
Died April/Amy 1580
1576Thomas Chester
1581Sir Thomas Porter
1584Sir John TracyWilliam Brydges
1586William Brydges(Sir) William Wynter
1588Sir Thomas ThrockmortonEdward Wynter
1593Sir Henry PooleSir John Poyntz
1597Sir John TracySir John Hungerford
1601(Sir) Edward WynterJohn Throckmorton
James I
1604Sir Thomas BerkeleySir Richard Berkeley
Died April 1604
John Throckmorton
1614Sir William CookeRichard Berkeley
1620Sir Robert TracyMaurice Berkeley
1624Sir Thomas Estcourt
Died July 1624
John Dutton
Sir Maurice Berkeley
Charles I
1625Sir Maurice BerkeleyJohn Dutton
1626Sir Robert TracySir Robert Poyntz
1628Sir Robert PoyntzNathaniel Stephens
1640 (Short)Sir Robert CookeSir Robert Tracy
1640 (Long)Nathaniel StephensJohn Dutton
1653John Crofts, William Neast, Robert Holmes
1654George Berkeley, Matthew Hale, John Howe, Christopher Guise, Silvanus Wood
1656George Berkeley, John Howe, John Crofts, Baynham Throckmorton, William Neast
1659 (January)John Grobham Howe, John Stephens
1659 (May)Unknown
1660Edward StephensMatthew Hale
Charles II
1661John Grobham HoweSir Baynham Throckmorton
Died May 1664
1664Sir Baynham Throckmorton
1679 (Feb.)Sir John GuiseSir Ralph Dutton
1679 (Aug.)Sir John GuiseSir Ralph Dutton
1681Sir John GuiseSir Ralph Dutton
James II
1685Charles SomersetSir Robert Atkyns
William & Mary
1689Sir John GuiseSir Ralph Dutton
1690Sir John GuiseSir Ralph Dutton
1695Sir John Guise
Died immediately after the election
Sir Ralph Dutton
Thoms Stephens
1698John Grobham HoweSir Richard Cocks
1701 (Jan)John Grobham HoweSir Richard Cocks
1701 (Dec.)Maynard ColchesterSir Richard Cocks
1702Maynard ColchesterJohn Grobham Howe
1705Sir John Guise/td>Maynard Colchester
1708Matthew Ducie MoretonSir John Guise
1710John Symes BerkeleyMatthew Ducie Moreton
1713John Symes BerkeleyThomas Stephens