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Codrington of Codrington

Didmarton by Kip, c. 1708

Simon (d. 1631)

He inherited Codrington on the death of his cousin Alice, who had married Sir Walter Dennis of Dyrham. He married Agnes (d. 1618), daughter and co-heir of Richard Seacole of Kingswood, Wilts.:

Through his wife he acquired Didmarton, where he built a house. He was one of the adventurers for the foundation of the Colony of Virginia. He was prosecurted in the church court for incontinent living.

John (c1596-1670) Grandson

In 1617 he married Katherine Stocker (d. 1629) of Chilcompton, Som., whose mother Margaret was then married to William Capell:

In 1632 he married Anne Still, daughter and co-heir of Nathaniel Still (1579-1626), who was the son John Still (c1543-1608), bishop of Bath and Wells:

In 1647 he married Frances (d. 1676), daughter of William Guise of Elmore by whom he had numerous children, many stillborn:

John was buried in the Codrington chapel at Wapley. His widow, who presumably died while staying with the Wyndhams, was buried at Witham Friary. She was godmother to her step-grandchildren Frances Codrington, Mary Browning and Frances Poore.

Robert (d. 1717) Son

He married Agnes (d. 1717), the daughter of Richard Samwell of Upton, Northants.:

Both Robert and his wife were buried at Didmarton, although ownership of the manor had apparently already passed to Robert Knight, cashier of the South Sea Company. In 1726 it was purchased by the trustees of the second Duke of Beaufort.

John (1677-1754) Son

He married firstly Jane (d. 1702), daughter of one Giffard of Cannington, nr. Bridgwater, Som., widow of Fortescue Tynte, younger son of Sir Halswell Tynte and of John's cousin Hopton Wyndham (d. 1697) of Witham Friary. They had no surviving children.

In 1709 he married Elizabeth (c1689-1740), daughter and heir of Samuel Wraxall, Som.:

John was MP for Bath 1710-1727 and 1734-1741.

In 1807 John's grandson Sir Charles Bamfylde sold Codrington to Bethell Codrington of Dodington, who was descended from Christopher (d. 1656) (see above).