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Colchester of Westbury

The Colchesters descended from a minor gentry family in Worcestershire.

Richard (d. 1646/7)

Westbury Court by Kip, c. 1708

His mother Alice was the sister of Nicholas Roberts of Stanton Harcourt, who acquired the debt ridden estates of the Baynham family in Westbury and Mitcheldean in 1619. These descended to his son Caesar, who died young, and then passed to his brother Giles Roberts of Little Washbourne. A cursitor and later six clerk in Chancery, he bought the manor of Westbury and The Wilderness in Abenhall in 1641 from his uncle Giles Roberts with the profits derived from his offices and judicious money-lending.

He married

  1. Jane, daughter of John Duncombe of Deddington, Oxon.
    • Sir Duncombe - see below
    • John
    • Elizabeth
    • Jane
  2. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hugh Hamersley (d. 1636), a London merchant - the marriage took place after her father's death
    • Humphrey
    • John

Sir Dumcombe (1630-94) Son

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Maynard of Gunnersbury, Middx., serjeant at law.

A royalist, he was apparently in arsm at the siege of Gloucester and his estate was subsequently sequestrated. At the Restoration he signed the address of welcome to Charles II. His estate was then valued at £800 per annum. An alderman of Gloucester from 1672, he served as mayor and was knighted in 1674. In 1681 he was returned to parliament for his father-in-law's seat of Bere Alston, Devon. In 1689 he was returned for Gloucester.

After a life of debauchery, he was persuaded by his son to repent and compose a solemn confession to be read in local parish churches 'as a warning to all'.

Maynard (1665-1715) Son

He married Jane (d. 1741), daughter of Sir Edward Clarke, merchant tailor of London

His grandfather Sir John had wanted him to become a barrister and he was called to the bar of the Middle Temple in 1689, but does not appear to have practised. He was MP for Gloucestershire 1701-08. A philanthropist, he was involved in the foundation of the S.P.C.K. and S.P.G

Henry (d. 1719) Brother

He married Sarah, daughter of Samuel Lewin esq. (d. 1707) of Lee, Kent.

Maynard (1703-56) Son

He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Harries (1674-1720) of Wortham and Pickwell, Devon

Maynard (1731-87) Son

He was a Verderer of the Forest of Dean from 1768 and served as Deputy Warden. He never married.

John (1741-1801) Brother

He married Elizabeth (d. 1827), the daughter of John Dighton of Ascot Park, Oxon and was succeeded by his son Maynard (1785-1860). The estate eventually passed to a descendent of their daughter Elizabeth, who married Francis Wemyss in 1808.