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Daunt of Owlpen

Monument to Thomas Daunt esq. (d. 1748)

Thomas (d. 1573)

He was the son of Christopher Daunt, who married a member of the Basset family of Uley. He married Alice (d. 1600), daughter of William Throckmorton of Tortworth.

William, Giles, John and three of their sisters were living when their elder brother made his will in 1621.


Henry (d. 1590) Son

He married Dorothy, daughter of Giles Hussey of Pilton, Dorset:

Under the terms of their father's will Frances became the heir to Owlpen after her brother's death. Despite the difficulty of his opponent being a leading lawyer, her uncle Thomas successfully reclaimed the manor and estate for the male line.

Thomas (d. 1621) Brother

He settled in Ireland, but after the death of his nephew Giles returned to establish his right to Owlpen as the male heir. This took some time. The main focus of the family remained in Ireland in the following generations, with the Owlpen property being a secondary estate.

He married Mary, the daughter of Bryan Jones of Glamorgan:

His wife is not mentioned in his will, so presumably had preceased him.

Thomas (c1593 - 1669) Son

He married Katherine, daughter of John Clayton of Cheshire:

Only Thomas and John were mentioned in their grandfather's will, written July 1621.

Achilles (c1621-1706) Son

He entered Balliol College, Oxford in 1638 with his brother John. He never married. He was a trustee for his orphaned niece's marriage to Thomas Webb.

Thomas (c1675-1748) Nephew

In 1696 he married Elizabeth (c1676-1751), daughter of George Synge (d. 1692), prebendary of Kilbrogan, Bandon. Her grandfather, also George, had been appointed Bishop of Armagh by Charles I.

The couple settled at Owlpen, updating the house with sash windows and other Georgian features. They had 3 sons and 4 daughters. There are memorials to Thomas, Elizabeth and two of their children remaining in the church.