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Estcourt of Shipton Moyne

Estcourt coat of arms

There is considerable confusion about the different branches of the Estcourt family, caused in part by a desire within the family to preserve the illusion of continuity even when the estate was descending to quite distant cousins.

Thomas (d. 1599)

He inherited the estate from his father Edmund Estcourt (d. 1569). He married Emma, daughter of Richard Ascough:

Sir Thomas (d. 1624) Son

He married Mary, the daughter of William Savage of Elmley Castle, Worcs. He was MP for Malmesbury in 1597 and for Gloucestershire in 1624. He was knighted in 1607. After his death his nephew disputed her possession of the manor, which she surrendered in 1644.

Thomas (1607 - 1681) Nephew

He married who married Elizabeth Mayne (d. 1669) of Bulford, Herts.

House of Walter Estcourt, Shipton Moyne (Kip, 1709)

Walter (1644-1726) Son

Walter wrote his will in 1709, when his brother was still alive. When he died 15 years later, the estate devolved to Thomas, the elder son of his uncle Edmund's son Thomas..

Thomas Estcourt (1697-1746) Cousin

The elder son of Thomas Estcourt of Sacombe, Herts. His epitaph at Shipton Moyne described him as a man 'Worthy of better Times, a kind of Prodigy in these.'

Edmund (1699-1758) Brother

He inherited Burton Hill house, Malmesbury, from his father's cousin Edmund in 1717 and it was there that his father Thomas died in 1723 (monument in Malmesbury Abbey). He married Anna Maria Yate of Standish in 1739, with whom he had a daughter Anne. She initiated an action for a divorce on the grounds of cruelty in 1747, which resulted in their formal separation the following year. Rather than leave his estate to his daughter, he left it to a distant kinsman. His will was contested by his widow and daughter but was upheld in 1760.

Thomas Estcourt (1748-1818) Distant cousin

The son of Matthew Estcourt of Cam and Lydia, daughter of John Halling. He married Jane, the daughter of James, viscount Grimston in 1774. He was MP for Cricklade, Wilts. from 1790. In 1794 he bought Shipton Moyne manor from the Hodges.