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Higford of Dixton

Dixton Manor

The Higfords acquired Dixton in the parish of Alderton by marriage in the fifteenth century.

Sir John (1529-1607)

Referred in his will to having had three wives, although the only 2 are known:

His children were:

He was underage when his father died and his wardship was acquired by his kinsman John Higford of Henwood (d. 1558). Sir John rebuilt and enlarged the manor house at Dixton. He was closely associated with Lord Chandos and was knighted by Elizabeth I at Sudeley in 1592. He was a JP from 1558 and twice served as sheriff.

John (c1551-1612) Son

He attended Hart Hall, Oxford and the Inner Temple. He was MP for Cricklade in 1572 and 1586 through the influence of Lord Chandos. He married Dorothy, daughter of William Rogers of Dowdeswell:

Bridget and Elizabeth were married before their father made his will.

William (c1580-1657) Son

He was educated at Hart Hall and Corpus Christi, Oxford and unusually for a gentleman completed his B.A.. He married Mary (d. 1658), daughter of John Meux of Kingston, I.O.W.

He wrote Institutions, or advice to his grandson for the instruction of his grandson, which was published after his death.

John (1627 - 1703) Grandson

He married Elizabeth (d. 1687):